• Descargas de libros en pdf STONE COLD


    Descargas de libros en pdf STONE COLD

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    • Idioma: INGLÉS
    • Formatos: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2
    • ISBN: 9780141368993
    • Editorial: PENGUIN



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    Descargas de libros en pdf STONE COLD



    A tense, exciting thriller combined with a perceptive and harrowing portrait of life on the streets as a serial killer preys on the young and vulnerable homeless. 17-year-old Link is distrustful of people until he pairs up with Deb, homeless like him. But what Deb doesn't tell him is that she's an ambitious young journalist on a self-imposed assignment to track down the killer and that she's prepared to use herself as bait ...

    Winner of the Carnegie Medal

    Robert Swindells lives on the Yorkshire moors and is a full-time writer. He has won the Children's Book Award twice, for BROTHER IN THE LAND and for ROOM 13. In 1994, he won the Carnegie Medal for STONE COLD, and also the Sheffield Book Award.


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